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UK Chilli Seeds Exclusive Moruglah

Still only in its second season and a few years off being stable the
Moruglah is managing to produce pods with a uniform heat.
The heat from these pods is best described as extreme.
See the first ever video review of this vicious chilli pepper.
Moruga Scorpion x Naglah f2 as of 2014


Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw

We are the only UK chilli seed company who will be selling these seeds so grab yours while stocks last. Warning these are not for the faint hearted. In tests conducted be many members of the chilli community most concluded that this chilli was hotter and far more intense than the current world record holder the Carolina Reaper.
It is our opinion that this will without doubt be the next world record holder for the title of hottest pepper in the world.

New World Record Holder. November 2013
The Carolina Reaper is now the current world record holder for been the worlds hottest Chilli Pepper, as of November 2013. The Carolina Reaper  is one evil looking chilli pepper, it has gnarled and lumpy pods with a stinger tail that looks like that of a wasp’s. When ripe it is a bright warning light red. Its looks are a instant danger sign that screams pain and more pain. The Carolina Reaper is the latest chilli to be awarded the record for the world’s hottest chilli pepper. The Carolina Reaper has a average rating of 1.500 million Scoville heat units as measured  on the Scoville Scale which measures the heat intensity of chilli peppers. This is one very nasty little pepper.
We have limited amounts of these seeds so get them while you can. The seeds are from pods we have grown this season.


The Moruga Scorpion 
Still one of the most popular chillis for 2015 growing season

There are super-hot's. And then there's the pain inducing, tear jerking, mouth on fire Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.
Up untill November 2013 this was by far the worlds hottest chilli pepper. And with a name like the Scorpion,
it's not surprising that months of research by the experts at New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute identified this monster variety as the hottest pepper on the planet.

The golf ball-sized pepper scored the 2nd highest among a handful of super hot chilli breeds reputed to be the hottest in the world. Its intense heat has topped more than 1.2 million units on the Scoville heat scale, and fruits from some individual plants reached 2 million scoville heat units.

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