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Very Rare Chinese Naga (Shabu Shabu) 10 x Seeds

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The Chinese Naga - Shabu Shabu chilli pepper comes from the western edge of Tengchong County in China where it meets Burma, the Shabu Shabu chilli is not commercially cultivated and it grows wild the locals pick the Shabu Shabu once a year for a little additional income. It is a close relative to the Naga Jolokia chilli. If you travel North West through Burma you soon will arrive in Nagaland so at some stage in the past either by trade or natural means the two chilli have crossed. Which came first is a matter unknown but it might be that they both originated in Burma from a yet to be discovered chilli pepper. The traditional way for the locals to cook them is to hold the pods in chopsticks and dip them in the hot cook pot and move them from around in a swishing motion in the same way you would cook food in a Sichuan hotpot. In Japan this method is called Shabu Shabu, in Sichuan shuan shuan, the locals say that this is the same movement that the elephants make when they dash back to Burma and have dubbed the chillies TRUNK SHABU SHABU.

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